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Taki Mai Kava – Kava 90 Capsules x 10 pack AU

$499.50 $424.58

For Fijians to prepare Kava or Yagona, dried roots of the kava plant are pounded until they become a fine powder. Its then mixed with a little water, and poured into a half-coconut shell called a Bilo.

This is passed around, bonding friend to friend, as they put behind the daily problems & stress, whilst relaxing naturally. So Fijians might refer to kava as the root of all good.

Taki Mai capsules by Fiji Kava are FDA compliant & Australian Government Department of Health Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) 100% approved as a complementary medicine & supplement.

Who should use Taki Mai Kava Capsules?

Our Capsules can be used by those who need sleep/relaxation support. Some common disturbances are caused by:

  • Jetlag / Travel
  • Stress / Mild Anxiety
  • Alternate Work Hours / Shift Work
  • Muscle Fatigue from Exercise / Work Outs

Lack of sleep impacts a significant percentage of Australians with key issues being; sleep quality and quantity.

Taki Mai Capsules can aid with the above; and also can be used by those with mild anxiety to help relieve their symptoms, and daily stresses.

What’s great is that our capsules are potent and high in active kavalactones, thanks to our Kava Science we have the purest yield, consistency & value.